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Shutter door inside factory


For shopfronts, entrances, security gates, shutters, fences and more in the West Midlands - Sunrise Shutters has got your back. 

We’ve been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining a range of security products for over 15 years. With Sunrise Shutters, you know you’re getting the best. Between our beautifully crafted, quality-assured products and our professional, friendly team; we know we can help with your next project at work or at home.





Roller shutter emergency? Sunrise Shutters are here to help. Whether it’s accidental damage, vandalism or a malfunction in with your shutters, a security breach such as this can leave a premises unable to do business. 


Our 24/7, 365 day emergency call out service is here for you when you need it. Quickly and efficiently our team can come to you and either repair your shop shutters or secure your property for repairs to be carried out during business hours.


Day or night, we’re here when you need us.

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Shutter door, outside factory

QUALITY SHUTTERS Designed and Built to Order

Shop shutters have relied on technology to keep businesses up and down the high street safe for many years. That’s because shutters work. 


At Sunrise Shutters we have over 15 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing the perfect rolling shutters to suit a whole range of businesses. Our shutters are always built with security and usability in mind but without compromising on the aesthetic of the product to ensure even out of hours, your shopfront is presentable. 


If your shop shutter needs replacing or you’re opening a new premises that requires a rolling shutter - get in touch today to discuss your needs and see what our expert team can do for you.


Regular maintenance is the key to the longevity of any Sunrise Shutter product. Our expert team of dedicated engineers know our products inside and out and are the best choice when considering maintenance teams. 


Alongside every product we commission, our customers are all offered a small range of maintenance contracts to choose from. Our maintenance team will attend your property at scheduled times in a manner that disrupts business as little as possible. They will check that your product is fully functioning without fault and also proactively identify any small issues that could later turn into expensive repairs.

rolling shutters closed for shop protection
Shutter door, outside factory

Gates and Fences For Businesses and Home

Sunrise Shutters design and manufacture a range of gates, barriers and fences to keep your property safe. 


Our sturdy security fences are perfect to keep your private carpark private whilst our elegant, electric entrance gates are the perfect addition to a long, residential driveway. We built every product with durability in mind, so you know they’ll be built using only the highest-quality materials and building techniques. 


Our designs regularly combine a fence type, a gate type and also additional features such as intercoms, access-control panels and more. Whatever your business is, we can help you keep it secure year-round.


Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance and upkeep, storefronts can get damaged. Whether it’s accidental damage, the effects of use over time or vandalism - Sunrise Shutters are here to help. 


Unsightly damages may not always affect the day-to-day running of your business, but they certainly will be noticed by potential customers. Our professional team of experts will aim to attend swiftly and carry out repairs with as little disruption to your business as possible. We will always be upfront with our competitive prices for repairs on your storefront so there’s no hidden costs when you choose Sunrise Shutters.

rolling shutters closed for shop protection
rolling shutters closed for shop protection


Are you moving into a new premises that needs a storefront to advertise your brand or maybe your current premises needs a modern facelift to bring its image up to date. Sunrise Shutters have been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining storefronts for more than 15 years so can rest assured that we are the experts in the field. 


Included in our range are aluminium options of double leaf doors, automatic doors and more. Aluminium makes for a fantastic option that looks great, is long-wearing and light-weight. 


To begin designing your new shop front, get in touch today so we can discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.

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Whether you’re looking to protect your business, private land or residential home - Sunrise Shutters can help! Get in touch today to turn your vision into a reality.

07931 104160 or 07931 104162

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